eCommerce Checklist

  • Merchant Account
  • Payment Gateway
  • Web Site
  • Shopping Cart
  • PCI Compliant Hosting
  • Reporting Tools
  • SEO
  • Marketing Tools
  • Apps

Grow Your eCommerce

  • Sell Anywhere
  • Sell Anytime
  • Secure
  • Tested Platform
  • Affordable
  • Take Preorders
  • Track Sales Activity
  • Track Inventory
  • Track Customer Orders

Mobile eCommerce

Mobile eCommerce lets you be everywhere your business needs you to be.
Make sales. Accept Credit Cards. Gather customer information. Track inventory. Accurately calculate and charge for sales tax. Reward Customer Loyalty.

Take orders on your web site or take orders placed by your customers using their smartphones. Orders can be prepaid or delivered COD. Its your choice. Be that business that provides cusotmer service, personal attention and repeat sales.

freshbamboo Mobile eCommerce combines powerful web based eCommerce tools with the speed, flexability and sophistication of your smartphone. It is fast and secure and all data is collected at one highly secure site where your data will be waiting for you when you need it.

Generate reports in real time to get a snapshot of the day's activity or create a detailed report to look for trends. The power of web based eCommerce and the freedom being mobile.

Smart Phone Technology
  • Secure Data Handling
  • Uses 3G or 4G Technology
  • Displays all Available Products
  • Process Credit and Debit Cards
  • Use Voice Recognition to complete Sales
  • Use GPS to calculate Sales Tax Rates
  • Save Transaction data
  • Add new Members
  • Calculate Sales Tax
  • Send email receipt to customer
  • Works Virtually anywhere
  • Apps are free.

Grow your business by accepting debit and credit cards! Use our powerful eCommerce tools to track sales, track costs, collect sales tax, send email receipts, send coupons and reward customer loyalty. No long term contracts. Low cost and we have no hidden fees. PCI Compliant. Easy to use. Secure.